Visions Credit Union has announced a $10,000 matching challenge for donations received until 12.31.2020

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With a commitment to giving back to community in a way that has the greatest lasting impact, Visions has made a generous donation to Children’s Reading Connection that will allow CRC to provide the Sing Me a Story set of beautiful 6 books read and sung by John Simon and Cal Walker, to 200 children -every  ISCD Pre-k child, to pre-k age children at Downtown Ithaca Children’s Center, and to the collections of all of the public libraries in Tompkins County, so that any local family can borrow the set.

Children and families need books more than ever, and they need the calm, comforting, and soothing nature of John Simon and Cal Walker’s voices. With close to 500 more children in pre-k in other school districts, and Head Start in Tompkins County CRC is determined they will also receive the sets before the holidays and have the immediate and lifelong benefits of Sing Me a Story! CRC will invite the community to join them to “Give the Gift of Singing and Reading! Give the Gift of John and Cal!” to raise the funds to make that possible.

With a shared commitment to literacy and encouraging community engagement, Visions Federal Credit Union has announced a $10,000 challenge match for community donations to help Children’s Reading Connection fulfill its commitment to provide every pre-k and Head Start child in Tompkins County this set of books to come as special gifts before the holidays.

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