ONE DAY! ALL WORD PLAY! Join us as we celebrate the pleasure and power of words with a world of word wonder!

Come join the Children's Reading Connection to celebrate the power of words with Peter H. Reynolds, the author of The Word Collector.

10am-2pm @ Ithaca High School

Celebrate the pleasure and power of words with:

10:00 – 10:30 am - Kick-Off at IHS Kulp Auditorium with Peter H. Reynolds! Peter Speaks and Reads Aloud “The Word Collector” on The Big Screen John Simon and Cal Walker and Sing Me a Story! Read Me a Song! Welcome

10:30 – 12:00 pm - Peter H. Reynolds Book Signing and Book Sale at Buffalo Street Books Pop-Up

1 PM: The Word Parade! Dress Up as a Word or Wear a Favorite Word!

Come dressed as a vocabulary word! Or simply wear your favorite word!

Admission: Bring a favorite word for the Community Word Wall

Anagrams & Palindromes • BIG Crossword Puzzle • BIG Magnetic Poetry • Bookmaking • Word Jumble • Visual Puns

ALL Public Libraries in T.C. Host Peter H. Reynolds Book Library Tent & Read-Aloud with a Joke Jar and Delicious Words!

Special Guest Author Peter Reynolds!

Author of The Word Collector, The Dot, Ish, Happy Dreamer, and Say Something!

Alphabet Snacks

Peter Reynolds Books for Sale!


Collect, and Collect, and Collect, Wonderful Words!
Write Letters, Sort and Deliver Mail at the Perfectly Pleasant Post Office
Solve Crossword Puzzles
Make Magic Words of Wonder
Read and Collect Dog Bone Poems with the Reading Dogs
Hear “I Am Peace” Read in the Fabric Globe
Collect Tantalizing Words at Translation Station
Act Out “I Am Yoga” with Little Buddha’s Yoga
Bookmaking, Lots and Lots of Bookmaking
Make a Word Waterfall

Delight in Dictionary Discovery
Dig for Construction Words in the Sand
Go Fish for Fabulous Words
Squish Squash Words with Alphabet Playdough
Discover Animal Words on The Cayuga Basin Bioregion Map
Have Fun with Anagrams and Palindromes
Create a Wild Word Bracelet
Puzzle Over Visual Puns
Write in Your New Wonder Journal
Play Bananagram and Other Fun Word Games!
“The Dot” Dot Art and More!


Collect Words! • Share Words! • Celebrate Words!

Inspired by “The Word Collector” by Peter H. Reynolds everyone in Tompkins County is celebrating and collecting words throughout April!

THE WORD COLLECTOR EXTRAVAGANZA is a national pilot initiative of Children’s Reading Connection. It is part of a larger THE WORD COLLECTOR FOR ALL initiative that includes WORD COLLECTOR WEEKS: Community-wide word collecting and celebrating, and WE ALL READ The Word Collector!: An all Family, School, and Community Read of “The Word Collector” by Peter H. Reynolds

To find out more contact: Brigid.Hubberman@ChildrensReadingConnection.org

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